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  1. Lore skin I got herein

    Recently I have forgotten what CS:GO is because I don't have enough time) Almost all free time I devoted to skinhunting! There is real “skin rush” now on market! Now I sold my own items and put up money on varios stores with CS GO cases... Opencsgo particular web-site gave me the best gaining that I even didn't believe to win) I used Open CS:GO sometimes before and was surprised by some nice drops. I win to know that there are one additional Lore was added to every case on service and the offer with many Lores items was made too!.. These days I decided to pen boxes there again and got two Lores!.. Thus, I deposit my own balance with 100USD... After that I started to look for box I wanna to try:) I was opening varios cases for about 20 times and there was shit only) I was on the edge already! Then I began to buy one box only! After few dropps I win Flip knife Lore from Ultraviolet offer. That day it was my first cool win... Thereafter I began to open Catch Lore box. First 10-11 spins were not good and I earn less than I paid:) Thus, I had the needle already again) Oh yeah, then I made ongoing opening and caught my precious StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet Lore!.. This box spining wisit gave me two cool Lores knives! I could sell them... write)
  2. As U know, Opencsgo provides researches among gamers. OpenCSGO asked CSGO fans near pistols. Users called 5 TOP popular models on guns... And now we will tell you all truth... Desert Eagle Blaze Gamers choice - is Desert Eagle Blaze) It has huge popularity!.. This skin is like Ferrari in CS:GO world! Gun USP-SILENCER Orion This item is famous as among amateurs as well among PRO!.. This is one of mostly popular skins ever...Gamers called this skin as mostly futuristic one... Gun Glock-18 Wasteland Rebel A special courage must be covert in this skin... Users love this item for its attendet nature! The fact that this skin take its place among the best of the best is predictable) Pistol Fade glock The popularity of this weapon and item is surprising. This murderer took his place among best of the best!..Many gamers prefer this skin and We understand why! Silencer USP gun Kill Confirmed Everybody knows the following item:) USP-SILENCER Kill Confirmed is the best item to do confirming kill... Tell the truth, Kill Confirmed didn't take 1st place and it was unexpected... So We have found out what are the most sought-after models on weapons... Our team believe rating of Opencsgo was useful for you:) Participate part in the ongoing survey and earn top items on opencsgo.com!