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Do not be greedy for premium status subscription – it's profitable by box opening

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Recently I was watching on Youtube the streamer opens boxes on Open CS:GO:) The man who opened boxes had an VIP account!.. I have not seen recently such nice openings in such short time:) He opened many boxes and got few high cost items from them)I think the new VIP account feature is there and steel took no notice of it... Now I see how many cool models I missed without that feature... I was yellow and waited for my own profit in the nearest future at the same time about his spins:) And how wrong I was!Right after the video I decided to look what gives VIP status on OpenCS:GO) For 1, 3 and 6 months. So, if U want U can study what features gives premium account!.. There are 3 types of premium subscribe on on opencsgo.com!

I've subscribed the premium 1!.. There was written there are really good things giving like premium giveaway, access to VIP account boxes and 6% better spin!.. So I subscribed premium status it and start to choose MY OWN case!.. The first thing was researching the hidden boxes which I can not purchase without VIP account!.. And there are many good and expensive skins in each box! After I had deposit my account I've selected that offer with Jack to open!.. Realy 3rd opening gave me Desert Eagle Hand Cannon for 45$ to sell. The premium status drops me my 1st nice spin) After that I decided to purchase more high cost!.. The ongoing offer to opening was Raider... I could buy it only 3 times but I was sure in profit... And the third opening gave me Falchion Knife Boreal Forest for about $ 60... I was thinking to make a coiple of opening for that cash. Thus, after the next spin I catch M9 Bayonet Crimson Web... And then I choose to stop... It's very important to stop while 1 be ahead!.. 

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