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Aplikacje i wtyczki

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Wrzucam paczkę aplikacji i wtyczek pod silnik IPS. Pliki czyste bez wirusów i żadnych shelli.

Nie mam pewności do sprawności wszystkich, ale większość działa bardzo dobrze.

Paczka zawiera:

  • (aXen) Font Awesome 5 in IPS [.xml]
  • (WK) Advanced chatbox stats [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) Advanced chatbox stats [.xml]
  • (WK) Chat entries in the profile [.xml]
  • (WK) Chatbox from X posts [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) Chatbox from X posts [.xml]
  • (WK) Clubs in UserPane [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) Clubs in UserPane [.xml]
  • (WK) Color mention [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) Color mention [.xml]
  • (WK) Custom Widget [.xml]
  • (WK) Delete posts from widgets [.xml]
  • (WK) Device [.xml]
  • (WK) Embed Sidebar [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) Embed Sidebar [.xml]
  • (WK) Fix formatting on Userlink [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) Fix formatting on Userlink [.xml]
  • (WK) Legend group [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) Legend group [.xml]
  • (WK) Limit of reputation awarded [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) Limit of reputation awarded  [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) Mark [.xml]
  • (WK) Member List [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) News [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) News [.xml]
  • (WK) Permissions notes in categories  [.rar/.tar]   
  • (WK) Post Ratio [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) Post Ratio [.xml]
  • (WK) Steam group [.xml]
  • (WK) Top 5 posters [.xml]
  • (WK) Top 5 statistics [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) Top 5 statistics [.xml]
  • (WK) Warn in post [.xml]
  • (WK) Warn in post [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) Who is chatting [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) Who is chatting [.xml]
  • Chatbox [.rar/.tar]
  • Chatbox+ 2.0.3 [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) Profile Video [.xml]
  • (WK) Serverlist331 [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) Total Time Spent Online [.xml]
  • (WK) Contact [.rar/.tar]
  • (WK) Memberlist [.rar/.tar]

Aplikacje i wtyczki.rar

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